Lexington Anthropologie

Lovely windows created by a talented staff. Inspiration taken from reptiles and rorschach ink blots 
It's all in the details! (L to R) textural drywall mean to look like wallpaper in the fitting rooms, silk flowers mixed with hand drawn touches, ordinary into extraordinary: leg and table spindles hung from the ceiling to create an amazing display, beautifully designed soap products 
These pictures are some of my favorite parts of the store. The suspended teacups, the hand drawn, hand cut cash register, and the front of the store home concept
The displays will make your jaw drop at every corner. Giant abstract flowers, a house made of unfinished beams,and safari like canopy you'd love to eat a meal under
Display and products you'll be drooling over. PS that bedding is a true sneak peak, it's not even sold online, but the Lex Anthro store has it to sell

I can't express how beautiful and well curated the Lexington Green Anthropologie is. You will find the most excited and helpful staff within the walls, and the product, of course, is beyond beautiful. I hope you've enjoyed the tour around their store and I hope if you're in the Lexington area you'll stop in for a shopping spree!

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