Vintage Shopping, Lexington Style

Working at a furniture store, soaking in time at Lexington's new Anthropologie, spending most of my free time on Pinterest, following design blogs, and reading decor books, I get strong urges to create a fabulous space for myself. You know what I'm talking about. Living in your house with character, with a brick fireplace, wood floors, and an abundance of natural light. Perfectly mis-matched throw pillows on your sofa and beds, just the right books and accessories on your coffee table and bookcases, and that fabulous pair of shoes "casually" left at the front door near your adorable dog. I want it all so badly too! The key pieces, of course, are flea market, antique, side of the road finds mixed with stuff from West Elm, Ikea, and Pottery Barn. So on a weekday afternoon, with no big plans, I headed out to scourer the vintage haunts Lexington had to offer; and get to furnishing that dream home of mine.

Scout Antiques, located at 935 Liberty Rd. This place is full of great mid-century and modern pieces. Always changing, the booths or sections are set up nicely, and are reasonably priced.  

Love the chairs, the lines of the sofa, and the vintage globe.

I really like this piece. I think I would leave the hardware and wooden drawers alone and just change the paint on the grey parts of the piece. 
Great splay leg table, I die for the chairs, and a great price at 1,150 (not sure it includes the chairs tho)

Not crazy about the stencil paint job, but the piece itself is totally cool. Perfect for an office, entry way, or media console

A fun little chair that would fit in anywhere

Love this high top wood table with the mix of bar height stools. 

Is it a wine glass display shelf, kitchen storage, office organization?? The possibilities are endless!

Seriously love this 2 drawer piece. Change the knobs, paint it white or grey, and it would be the perfect piece at your front door or behind your sofa. 

The next place I hit up was Cowgirls Attic. 1536 Deleware Ave. They specialize in architectural salvage and antiques. 

These two multi-drawer pieces caught my eye the second I walked in the door. All the drawers are functional, and in this piece  the drawers were super clean. Either could be a great hutch piece in a dining room, or as a work space in a craft room. 

Out back of Cowgirls Attic they have all these fun and colorful pieces for your yard.  

Last but not least I visited Feather Your Nest on 1496 Leestown Rd. I wasn't blown away by a ton of their stuff, but this lawyer's bookcase for around $300 bucks was very tempting. 

Lexington really does have some cool places to find vintage pieces, you just have to be patient enough to sort through the little old ladies' knick-knacks. I need a little more cash in my pocket to be able to pull the trigger on any of these pieces; but I know something equally cool will be out there if these guys are gone. Happy hunting apples!

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