Flick Picks

With Globes behind us, and SAG and Oscar's looming I am making progress on the nomination list. Zero Dark Thirty got my heart racing this past weekend! This is a pretty recent story to go from headlines to silver screen. Usually when I watch a "based on a true story" movie I have little or no memory of the real event it's based on, but for this, I can remember what was happening in my life when I heard the news of Osama Bin Laden death. Jessica Chastain does a great job in this movie, but she doesn't play your typical heroine. Typically, a main character has a complication, a climax, and a resolution. Her character internalizes everything, that you don't get to experience this normal character arc. In a way it's brilliant, and in another way it's disappointing. Overall, it's an interesting movie and I don't think you'd be disappointed if you saw it.

I hope you guys didn't mind Flick Picks today, because I want to share some sneak peek photos from the new Anthropologie opening. So check back in tomorrow for some eye candy!

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