A bunny with a sense of fashion

Let me introduce to you a bunny with the best fashion sense-Fifi Lapin.

Have you been to her blog, her etsy store, seen her graphics gracing bags in stores like Nordstroms?? If you don't know about her and two of your favorite things are clothes and cute things then you'll be in love.

Fifi Lapin describes herself as a jet setting fashionista....bunny. Why a bunny I don't know, she has a friend that is a cat; but they're simply adorable and makes me wish I was a bunny too!

I believe (I have no proof mind you) that "Fifi Lapin" is not her real name and just a pseudonym for privacy sakes, but she has a fabulous closet full of Dior, Burburry, Gucci, and Cavalli and is an amazing artist. Everyday she posts an illustration of herself, bunny style, showing off her amazing straight off the runway look.

You can make her cute little bunnies your website here. It has currently been my wallpaper for months now. I just the little one with the Dream One dress.

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