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Apparently loving Hello Kitty means you love the Jonas Brothers.

Yes, I know that sentence reads a bit odd, but I have an explanation I promise!

Today I got an email from letting me know that I could pre-order the 2010 wall calendar of Hello Kitty. And why wouldn't I want to get in on pre-ordering of 365 days of Kitty cuteness? As I clicked the link to see what the theme was for next year it had some "recommendations" of other calendars I might like as well. You know just in case one calendar isn't enough (which in some years one just wasn't enough). And thought that since I love Hello Kitty, I must be of the tween age, and I would also like a calendar of the Jonas Brothers as well.
Thanks, but I wouldn't.

I guess you can't get away from these things when you're young at heart. I mean look how cute she is with a lemon on her head! (and you know how I feel about lemons!)

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