Our Sweetest Pear

It's a good day for me when a new line of scrapbook paper comes out. If there were a name for my kind of sickness, (something like) "crop plague" or "mad scrap disease," I would be suffering from it. I'm one of those scrappers that falls in love with the paper first (or stickers, or the embellishments) and then I figure out an activity to do just so I have an excuse to use the paper. I find almost everything in the scrap world adorable and view it as a must have item. So I buy it. With that kind of thinking you can imagine how overflowing my scrapbook organizer is because I can't help myself in a scrapbook store.
I mean it's not like I scrapped 10 Christmas pages this past year because I bought so much holiday paper or anything...
The other day I saw this adorable line from sassafrass lass and can not wait until the release date. That's right scrapbook lines have release dates. Most people are excited about the release of a summer blockbuster, me it's adorable paper products. But I mean with patterns like this how could not be excited??

God I love a fruit with a face!

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  1. I really got a kick out of "mad scrap disease."