Casinos and C cups

Real Housewives of New Jersey, I can't stop talking about it!!

Last night's episode was just alright, no major drama, just showing the girls out running around in their natural element. You know Atlantic City, the playground for the elite and sophisticated.

So the major highlights of the show were: Danielle celebrated her birthday and breaks up with her boyfriend, and shares the whole ordeal with her daughters.

Jacqueline treats her daughter to a photo shoot and it ends with her daughter in tears and Jacqueline saying to the cameras, she definitely not getting that new car now. *tip to mothers* Yelling over the photographer's shoulder things like: smile, don't look like that, and you're not relaxed...never makes photos turn out well.

Dina, Teresa and Caroline went to Atlantic City for a no-drama-girls weekend. Shopping, sunbathing, eating, and all Teresa could talk about was "bubbies." What is that word you ask, "bubbies?" That is Teresa's pet name for breasts or boobies, as maybe the rest of the world would refer to them as. She wanted to turn he 34A bra size into a nice full C. Her husband is an "ass man" but wanted to fill out her lingerie and bathing suits better, so she needed to get bigger "bubbies". I have no problem with her wanting breast implants, whatever makes you happy...but can we at least call them by the proper name? Even to her doctor! It was ridiculous and that is why she's my favorite on this show; because I love a reality TV air head.

Stay tuned for the season finale next Tuesday, you won't want to miss it.

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