Cute, cute, cute!

Oh my goodness how much do I want this? I mean is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I mean I drink my tea from a coffee mug, but I'd throw every mug in the trash if I had dishes as cute as these to drink out of. I mean the tea pot is in the shape of a circus tent for cute sake!

Now, I have never actually been to the circus, and don't really ever plan on it either. I feel like the animals are probably mistreated and miserable, and you probably spend half the time thinking, "is it me or does it smell like cabbage in here?" But I do love vintage-y/old looking images like this and when I see things like this I have the sudden urge to own them.

You can check out the whole "circus violet" line at Studio Violet. It looks like they're based in Europe somewhere. They have a shop online, and they sell everything but the porcelain pieces. Ah well, I can dream....

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