One of the simple things in life that bring me joy is the Google home page. I love the random days where upon visiting their website I find their main title changed into something creative and different.

You can view all the past fun titles here.

Today I noticed they're having a contest called Doodle 4 Google. A competition for K-12 age students to play around with their homepage logo and find a new design to come up with, and the theme was "What I Wish for the World"

For 1 I love artsy creative things like this, and admiring other people's artwork and for B some of the ones in the K-3 category are really good! I will say that I voted for an "older" students work, just because I hope for some of the things shown in their picture, but I'm going to predict 3 possible winners just to see if I can think like Google-ers.

Take a few minutes to vote, and then we'll see who wins!

Predictions (in no particular order)
1. Spreading the Spark
2. Cleaner Oceans for the World
3. Help Save the Polar Bears

My Choice (of course I hope this one wins...but that's why I have the other 3 as back up) I Wish

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