Cloudy Days

Please forgive me for not posting sooner, I mean last Tuesday? I need to get with it.

I've been so bummed lately because the nice spot of warm weather we had been having has turned into a cold rainy mess. I mean maybe the earth doesn't know that it is May; and May weather should be warm, and pleasant, and preparing us for summer!

It was a weekend full of puddles, and raindrops and better be wrong about the rest of this week being more of the same.

If you're somewhere with warm weather please send it towards Indiana, and if you're somewhere that hasn't quite embraced spring yet, find a cute umbrella and try not to sulk too much about having wet feet (because if you're like me you already got your flip flops out and have refuse to stop wearing them despite the temperature).

Here's to a better week!
(P.S. this cute little picture came from here)

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