Friday Flick Picks

I had to get in one last Oscar nominated movie before Sunday, plus one more for good measure. I wasn't wow-ed by either one to tell you the truth. I should have trusted my instinct and saw Die Hard 5 instead. Silver Linings was ok, but a little all over the place for me. I wasn't blown away by JLaw's performance, to me, Chris Tucker gave the surprise great performance  Side Effects was no better. A total disappointment.  Steven Soderbergh and, my new favorite actress, Rooney Mara, and I still couldn't get behind it. A slow plot, with a bad pace, and plot twists that seemed obvious and confusing all at the same time (if that's possible). Save your pennies, and see something next week, or catch some of the Oscar winners after Sunday.

And speaking of which...Oscars are Sunday! If you can't tell, I am pumped! It's the Super Bowl to a movie nerd like myself. Research will be done, blogs and articles will be consulted, to ensure I have the most right answers on my ballot. I've seen 8 out of the 9 Best Picture nominated, and had good SAG and Golden Globe ballot answers, so I'm feeling pretty confident. Argo is winning best picture of 2012 you can bet on that, and in my favorite category, best animated short, Paperman will definitely get the win. Watch it here, and tell me your heart didn't melt.

Happy movie watching my little apples! 

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