March Madness

All I have to say is my bracket is rocking so far, and I hardly know anything about college basketball. I don't usually get into college basketball, or any sport for that matter, but for some reason when March rolls around all I can think about is "bracket".

This is only my third year of entering a pool with people that actually know something about basketball; but last year I filled out one and I won the pool at my work! I had no problem spending that extra $200 dollars so that is really the only thing motivating me to try again and see how good my semi-random picking turns out.

Out of the first round I had 27 teams picked right out of 32! I've got University of North Carolina winning the whole thing (for the 3rd time in a row) and to quote Barack Obama, "I picked you all last year and you let me down, this year don't embarass me in front of the nation."

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