Nothing passes an uneventful evening or weekend better than watching your favorite TV show on DVD. Especially the 30 minute TV shows. At the end of every episode you have that 5 second debate with yourself that usually goes something like: "should I watch one more?" and the answer is almost always yes; and before you know it 4 hours have gone by!

Sex and the City, Arrested Development, The Comeback, Weeds, and How I Met Your Mother are all shows that have pulled me into multiple hour marathons.

The good news is 2 of my favorite shows are coming/came to DVD! One is almost 2 decades old since it's last season aired, and the other ended in the early 2000's.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose and Daria!Parker just came to DVD last week and yesterday I found out the complete Daria series will be out next year.

PLCL had that Ferris Bueller quality about the show, that I loved, and I have vivid memories of Parkers wild button up shirts, and Principle Musso breaking her office door window. And I used to do a killer Sandy (one of Quinn's, Daria's sister, best friends) impression from Daria.

I hope this bit of news has given you something to look forward know after you finish that 3 hour Entourage marathon (which of course I have never done!)

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