6 Month Check In

Six months and ten days ago I made a list of New Year resolutions to incorporate more pattern into my wardrobe. And after finally getting my Summer clothes put away and organized, temporarily at my parents house, I am happy to see that solids no longer dominate my clothing options! I know it's so easy to just pick a solid colored top or skirt thinking it will go with everything but before you know it every outfit looks color blocked. Which is fine and very in right now, but if you're like me it's starts to feel very boring after awhile. It makes the fashion lover in me very happy to see myself mixing two patterns together even! Watch out world Sarah's got stripes on the bottom and floral prints on the top. Here's a peek at some of my growing patterned collection.

skirts: (clockwise) oldnavy, anthro, urban outfitters, h&M, made by my friend

top row: anthro, bottom row: (r to l) urban outfitters, zara

dress: forever21
Other resolutions on the list that I can cross off:
-figure out where me and my boyfriend will live come May- Lexington!
-declutter our apartment-Done! Before we moved we had a yard sale, sold furniture on Craig's List, and donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill
-drink more water and less soda- Thanks to the little beauty below I drink so much more water. I don't know what it is about this Rubbermaid bottle but I like it so much better than a regular water bottle or glass.

What about you guys, any resolutions you can cross off your list?

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