Parisian Fashion

Over the weekend I saw Woody Allen's newest movie, Midnight in Paris. Not only did I love the movie, I loved the costumes of the two leading ladies: Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard. Sonia Grande once again works her costume design magic in this film. Previously working with Allen on Vicky Cristina Barcelona (another favorite of mine), she has a great talent for making the simplest pieces make big statements about the character who is wearing them. Rachel's character, Ines, was living in the present and her vacation wear spoke of a woman who comes from privilege and wealth, and appreciates clothing that comes across casual and chic. Many of her clothing came from lines of Chanel, Dior, and Hermes. She was a portrait of simplicity and style and I wanted every single dress she wore in this movie!

Marion's character, Adriana, lived in the world of the 1920's. Her wardrobe was tres flapper-chic; romantic, feminine, and a little bit sultry at times. She embodied everything you'd want from a muse to artists and writers. Feathers, beads, and hair pieces all added to her sparkling personality. I definitely recommend watching this movie, for the fashion if nothing else. You won't be disappointed!

sources: the hollywood reporter, fanpop, i'm not obssessed

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  1. Oh I wanna see this movie even more now... thanks for sharing. xx