Blogs to Love

My Blogging Your Way class has finally come to an end and I have to say that I am so excited to use all the knowledge Holly and Leslie have shared with me, and all my classmates, on this blog. I've started to adjust to my new anthro schedule I hope I can start to get a good schedule of regular posts and recurring posts and I hope you guys start to get excited to read and discover new things. Don't be afraid to share with me! :)

Our last assignement in class was to talk about 5 other blogs I have started to read since being apart of the class. I skimped on getting it done in the time frame Holly gave us but I didn't want to not do it because I have found so many great blogs from this class that I want to share with you and let the authors of these blogs know that I appreciate and admire them as well!

(so in no particular order....)

I hope you check out these ladies wonderful sites and add them to your regular blogs to check!

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