Katie Brown for Meijer

I have always had a love for Katie Brown. This spunky brunette with the interesting voice and love for antique things made me tune into her show: Next Door with Katie Brown. Now when her show was on in the late 90's I wasn't much into cooking or gardening but I had a love for her home decor ideas, DIY projects and her trips to her local flea market even though I was only a teenager and the dream of owning my own home seemed so far away. (it actually still does even now that I'm in my late 20's!).

Anyways I would catch her show from time to time and as my teenage life turned to college life I forgot about her show. It wasn't until a year or so ago when a friend told me her show was still on. I think it's changed hosting networks...I honestly still haven't found where or when the show airs, but I grocery shopping the other day at Meijer I walked right by her cute face next to great home goods and I was thrilled!

Katie Brown has this great line of kitchen, home and gardening items for sale at Meijer at a great price and has the touch of Nothern charm and simplicity that she exudes. I have been debating buying new dishes and kitchen tools and her items from her Orchard collection really have me exctied. Check them out and re-discover your love for Katie Brown again!

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