#1 Accomplished!

The whole reason I started the 30 Before 30 list was so I could have a documented declaration of my desire to get another tattoo. The thought was I'd feel really guilty if I didn't go through with it; so I can goof off on the 20 or so I have remanding now that this one is out of the way. I kid, I kid! I was inked a little less than a month ago, but I've been wanting this particular tattoo for 2 years. The idea came from the little birds in Cinderella who make her ball gown. It's a way to represent my love for all things girlie and cute. I mean the little birds have eyelashes for goodness sake, does it get any cuter than that?

This was by far the most painful obstacle on the list so things like planning a trip and cooking a meal should be a piece of cake!

P.S. If you live in Lexington, and are looking for a talented tattoo artist, Stu at Bleed Blue Tattoo Shop will hook you up!

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