I like to talk to myself. All the time. In the grocery store, my car, the shower, I am having a continuous conversation with myself. When I'm out in public places I'm mostly talking in reminders and my general comments on things around me. I'm never talking very loud, more like mutterings than anything. And I'm sure the people around me think I'm suffering from early stages of dementia, but I can't help it! I realize I could easily have these thoughts inside my head, but it just feels good to say them out loud.

These past couple of days has been hard on me. I've thought about, and talked about, some really hard and sad issues. They all started to weigh me down, and the best way I know to cope with these issues is to talk about it. Not necessarily to anyone else, but out loud to myself.

So I went on a hike. And just talked, and talked, and talked to myself. And by the end of my walk I felt better. I'm like a little kid that finally learned how to put themselves to sleep after a night of crying. Talking out all sides of the issue and playing devil's advocate to myself really comforted me. So call me crazy, but I swear it works. Maybe don't have a full blown argument with yourself in line at the grocery store, or go all Tyler Durden on yourself, but sometimes listening to yourself is the best solution for your problems.
 P.S. I went hiking (it was really just glorified walking) at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

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