Friday Flick Picks

Quirky, dorky, adorableness are the three words I'll use to describe Wes Anderson's latest movie Moonrise Kingdom. This movie has a cute, childlike way and humor about it that reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Which is perhaps why I liked it so much over many other Wes Anderson movies. It's the perfect summer movie because it encapsulates all the things you hope your summer would be as a child: (or an adult for that matter) romance, adventure, rebellion, camping, and dance parties on the beach.

This movie is all about the details too. From the patches on the khaki scout uniforms to the letterheads on the stationary, it's all so brilliantly thought out. For people in the field of styling or design this movie will make your heart happy. Make it a point to see this movie, you won't be disappointed.

I'm a sucker for cute movie posters, so I couldn't resist showing off a few others I found around the web.

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