A Banner Headboard

I am totally on board with all the streamer banners used for weddings, photo backgrounds, and party decor. I think it's a great way to pull your whole color story together for an event into one cute decor piece. After seeing a simple picture on sweet sweet life of bunting hung over a bed, and easy to follow instructions on the lovely cupboard for using fabric, my project was set in motion. The colors were pulled from my Anthropologie Glasswing duvet. You can see the tops of the shams peeking into the last picture. I still need to get an actual insert for my duvet otherwise I would have photographed the whole bed. My only worry is that it'll be too matchy-matchy with all the same colors together in one small space, but we shall see. If it's a bust then it's back to square one on the headboard idea but I have a good secondary home for the banner to live just in case.

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  1. My fabulous studio apartment has the "bedroom" partitioned off by a block glass curved wall and no door--that makes it a little less than private when changing clothes, so I have used my silk scarf collection in this way to make a decoration/blind on the glass wall. It's a practical way to keep my large collection organized, and I also have the benefit of added art and privacy.