How I Miss You

There are only a handful of things I miss from Indianapolis, my old city of residence. Don't confuse that with people though. There are many, many friends I think about and miss daily (and for those friends reading this, I want to come for a visit soon). But besides Midland Antiques and Cafe Patachou, the one thing I miss the most is Anthropologie. I realize every girl loves her Anthro, but when a new season comes around I find myself missing all the new and unique things that come through their doors. And Fall is hitting me hard! Look at all these beautiful outfits they've put together. All I can think about is structured jackets, boxy sweaters, patterned skirts, and funky shoes. Oh the agony!

These are some of my favorites from their newest outfitting section: "In Between Day"

I think at least one of these pieces will have to find its way into my closet before October hits; what do you guys think?

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