Cut Loose Footloose

Earlier this week my friend Lesalina wrote a blog post that inspired me. Her words gave me the strength and the courage to speak out about the issues that are near and dear to us and to know that it's okay to be mad once in awhile.

And that issue, my friends, is remakes of totally awesome 80's movies!!! Lesalina's outrage was over the scheduled remake of the uber classic Dirty Dancing. I won't even begin to talk about how that upsets me. She spoke up eloquently enough for everyone; I encourage you to read her open letter to Kenny Ortega on her blog.

My rage is over the soon to be released movie Footloose. I will say I have calmed down quite a bit since my first viewing of the trailer. And what caused that calm is the realization that kids today seeing the new Footloose have no idea that an original exists. Or if they do, to them it's just a movie from the 80's and it's probably super cheesy and totally unrelateable. They're comparing this new version to Step Up 3D and High School Musical, or any other choreography-heavy movie these days. So while I get that they don't know a thing about the first one, they don't understand they are experiencing lazy movie making! I mean it's exactly the same! They couldn't even find a way to take the old storyline and make it more realistic for today's
generation. If you've seen the 1984 verison as many times as I have, you've got the dialogue and memorable quotes down: "There ain't nothing to do with me daddy. This is as good as it gets." And watching the new trailer, you can tell they've ripped the dialogue straight out of the original too!
To further prove my point that the kids today would be better off watching the 80's classic than Craig Brewer's version, and having a good laugh at a the hairstyles, wardrobe, and a 19-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker, I have made a side-by-side comparison of the old and new trailers. See for yourself that anyone born in the 80's will know you are not missing anything if you pass on the new movie, and kids born in the 90's should show some respect and know that we did better in 1984!

I rest my case.

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