Masion Jules

Have you guys seen this new collection at Macy's called Maison Jules? I just discovered it last week, and my inner French girl is jumping for joy over their pieces. Inspired by Parisian street style, you've got subtle patterns, muted colors mixed with bright pops of pinks and oranges, on relaxed hems and fits. 

I mean how much do I want to be this little French brunette at the sidewalk cafe? Just sipping coffee, checking my phone, while I sit adorably in my wedge oxfords, plum skinnies, and quirky sweater with oversized glasses stitched on it? 

I must have tried on a dozen items, and really loved how they've mixed cute with casual; which is my style to a tee. You can look really pulled together for just errands or perfectly styled for casual date night. 
The pieces are reasonably priced, and Macy's typically has some sort of sale going on, so you could really find some deals. There are several things I'm eyeing right now, that navy blazer with the ruffle especially, and you can bet I'll be saving my Euros to get a few pieces for Spring. 

images via: Macy's and Teen Vogue 

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