"You have a son, and he's in the toilet"

The funniest quote I've heard in a long time.

Last night I was trying to find something interesting to watch after American Idol was over, and all I could find was a show on TLC called (something like) "I was pregnant and didn' t know it." I ended up watching it because I find those stories fascinating. The women that are like I never knew I was pregnant until I ended up having the baby on the bathroom floor. I just don't believe it. How could you not know? I mean how could all the hundreds of people you run into in a 10 month period not one person suggest it, or a doctor or something??? It's hilarious thought.

One of the "surprised" mothers was retelling her in labor story, and it started out like the woman was at the hospital for something else, started having all these pains went to the bathroom, continued to be in all this pain, birthed the baby over the toilet. Now the woman did not know she just gave birth, she must have been in too much pain, the nurses rush in, help her back to the bed, fish the baby out of the toilet and the woman retelling the camera, says "the nurses put me back in the bed and said you have a son, and he's in the toilet."


I mean have you ever heard a funnier sentence????? It's like how did he get in there? When did I have a son? SO hilarious. It cracked me up and I had to share.

Stay away from the show though, it's seriously disturbing, and the re-enactments remind me of that Rescue 911 show from the 90's.

....in the toliet....hehehehe

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