Let's Go to the Movies...

A review, a preview, and a movie moment come to life:

Review- Last night I watched the movie Elegy, with Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley. I believe I saw the trailer for this movie when going to see Vicky Christina Barcelona and it looked like a good movie. After watching VCB I was even more convinced that I wanted to see more Penelope movies.
So thanks to Netflixs I watched it on my couch instead. Well let me just say, thank god I didn't see it in the movie theatre because it would have been a waste of money! What a crappy movie. It was so s-l-o-w and their relationship wasn't very believable, and it was just not the great movie I thought it would be. So if you were thinking about watching it, skip it.

Preview- Yesterday, the trailer for Bruno was up! Sacha Baron Cohen is brilliant. He is an amazing character actor and I can't believe he was able to fool everyone again. I can't wait to see who will sue him this time. If you're over 17 (because the film right now is still rated NC-17) go check out the trailer.

Real life movie moment- You know the scene in the movie Unfaithful where Diane Lane is out shopping for party stuff, and it's really windy, and she falls and all her stuff is blown everywhere, and frantically tries to pick it all up? That was me this morning. I was trying to put some stuff in my car and and before I could lay it down on the seat the wind caught about 6 pieces of paper I needed for work and blew them into this empty lot across the street from where I was parked. I had to dodge some cars and run around a muddy wet grassy lot picking up papers out of puddles. Not fun!

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