Celebrity Couples

I love a good celebrity couple. Not necessarily the ones where the names get pushed together and the media gets in a frenzy over their relationship, but the ones that the public kind of leaves alone and pictures of the two of them crop up occasionally. Those are the ones I like to cheer on and hope that the media and Hollywood doesn't destroy.

My first fav celeb couple: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. I bought into the rumors that they broke up awhile back, but after seeing some recent paparazzi pics of them surface today I was way pumped that they're still together.

Second celeb couple: Beyonce and Jay Z. This is like a music royalty couple. I think they're so cute together. They've just been together for a long time, and I hardly ever hear bad news about their relationship, they're just cute and I look forward to many of their songs featuring each other's musical talents.

Third Fav celeb couple: Brad and Angie. Yes I know, so cliche to like the 2 of them together. They're just so cute together! Everyone is probably sick of them, but I hope they turn out to be one of those couples that stay together forever without getting married like Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (another couple I lurve) and just have a million kids and change the world. (this is my favorite pictures of them with baby Shilo)

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