Alice in Wonderland

When one of your closest friends has a baby you are suddenly exposed to a whole new world of things. You guys know that I'm perpetually 10 years old on the inside; but knowing things like popular baby brands, products, and toys for a person under the age of 5 baffle me. So when my girlfriend showed me this beyond adorable baby book she got for her son, I had to share. Simply, it's a book about teaching colors, but set to the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver are the creative minds behind this book along with others illustrated and written in the same fashion. Jane Eyre, Romeo and Juliet, Dracula, and A Christmas Carol are just a few of the titles they've turned into baby books. You can see more of Alice's illustrations work on her blog. So if you're looking to buy a baby gift for someone look no further than these books, Amazon sells them all, but try not to keep them for yourself!

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