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Being the huge Anthropologie enthusiast that I am it's no surprise that, along with all their clothes, I hoard their catalogs too. I became a faithful subscriber in 2009. After I realized that I lived in the same city as an Anthropologie, and became completely obsessed with everything having to do with their store. I was so in love with every photograph and every item of clothing that I couldn't bring myself to throw the catalog away. Forty catalogs later and I'm still going strong. I can't tell you how hard it was to get my hands on a few issues from last year when I moved and the postal service wouldn't forward any catalogs to my new address!

Even now, I love looking through old issues and reminiscing about things I tried on or saw in the store, or worse, wish I would have bought! It's like traveling back in time to spend time with old friends. The top photo is a representation of my favorite covers between 2009 and 2011.

Two of my favorite issues from my ever growing collection of catalogs, is this mid season mini issue Anthro came out with called "From the Hip." It was this feature catalog solely featuring pants/skirts/shorts and shoes. I've never seen them come out with anything like this since this printing so I feel like it's a unique piece.

The other item is a 2005 Spring issue of the catalog. I know 7 years doesn't seem that long ago, but in retail and fashion world it is. I distinctly remember how I came across this catalog too. It was my very first introduction to the company as well. I was in college, hanging out in a friend's dorm room and after turning two pages I couldn't believe such beautiful clothing existed. I asked her if I could keep it and 4 years before I ever subscribed myself, I still couldn't bring myself to throw away such beauty.

What about you guys, any Anthro catalog collectors out there too?

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