Pretzel Rolls

To know me is to know that I love soft pretzels. If I'm in attendance of a professional sports event, carnival, concert, or mall, I spent 10 minutes sniffing out the soft pretzel stand and then count the minutes until I will jump into line to buy one. So when I found that I could make something very similar to a soft pretzel in my very own oven I realized that I don't ever need to plan a meal for myself, ever again. Because I will be eating my weight in pretzels instead. Sister Schubert makes these amazing things called pretzel rolls. You can find them in the frozen bread section at your grocery store. After your oven preheats to 375 they are ready in 7 minutes! And the taste rivals any pretzel I've bought. Salt and mustard optional, but please raise a roll and toast to the amazingness that is this item of food. 

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