Blockbuster Love

I have a special story behind my Blockbuster card. Yes, I realize that everywhere you look Blockbusters are going out of business and why do I even have a card when awesome things like Netflix and Redbox exist? I keep this card on me as a reminder of my grandfather. Shortly after my family moved to Lexington my parents went away for the weekend and had our grandparents watch us. And as any good grandparents they gave into mine and my brother's pestering to get pizza for dinner and rent a movie. I remember being really nervous that they wouldn't let us rent a movie because we didn't have a membership, but reliable grandpa to the rescue, and we were able to take our movie home. Weeks later several copies of this very card arrived in the mail and I happily snatched one up to fuel my movie obsession. And as the years went on, and I rented movie after movie with my Blockbuster card, I proudly showed off the cool name stamped on my card. Ask any friend that's known me, (before Blockbuster stopped being cool?) knows I have a card with Elmer Wertz's name on it.
On Monday my grandfather passed away. And while it's very sad he's no longer with us I'm happy he's finally with my grandmother, his wife for over 60 years, and is not sick or in pain anymore. I'll always feel like I have a little piece of him on my mind and in my heart because I have this Blockbuster card in my wallet, and it reminds me of what a great man he was.


  1. What a sweet story. I'm sorry for your loss but I'm happy he and your grandmother are together again.

  2. i love this post- such a sweet memory of a time before sickness and pain. hopefully that's how he will be remembered. i'm so sorry for your loss, Sarah

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet words. They bring a smile to my face. :)