Friday Flick Picks

Still no new movies at the theatre that are calling my name to see, but nothing beats a night in on DVD. I am a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan, and I was disappointed I didn't see On Stranger Tides in the theatre like I did all the others. But it was a good way to fill an evening this week and I was happily swept up in Jack Sparrow's pirating antics. I will say I favored 1, 2, and 3 to this newest installment but it was still a good movie. Just your standard dry humor, sword fights, and high sea adventures you'd expect from these movies. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. Jack Sparrow is by far one of my favorite movie characters so I will happily welcome a 5th movie to the series as well. Only one more week until June, and that's when the real summer watching movie will start. So stay tuned for the big budget, easy going, (silly at times, but my kind of silly) movies that I will definitely be seeing.

I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day weekend! See you back here soon. xo

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