Flick Picks

You guys should be proud, I watched two new movies this week! (I'm impressed too). Once again you can see that I have no prejudices on the types of movies I'll watch, from bad scary movie to indie. Shark Night was watched purely for a good laugh. It was on Netflix instant, the friends I watched it with were all up for watching a nonsense movie, and this fit the bill perfectly. The other pick this week was for my sudden interest in the creative mind of Lena Dunham. Sadly, I've only seen the first episode of Girls, but I loved what I saw. Tiny Furniture is a common view point of twenty-something girls trying to find their place in life. I find her voice so open and honest and real, it really is a voice of a generation. If you like what's happening over on HBO I say give her movie a watch; it's on Instant too. Besides The Five Year Engagement there's nothing out in the theatres right now I want to see. I'm patiently waiting for June to get here and bring all the movies I've been dying to see.

Have a great weekend!

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