Summer Litmus Test

top: Anthropologie, shorts: JCrew, shoes: Kohls
You know it's summer can wear neon orange shorts and espadrilles to run around on your day off. They also make for the perfect ensemble for any other day of the week for that matter, but you get the idea. As much as I like to make my summer uniform a cute sun dress and a pair of flat sandals, shorts and heels might win as a go to option for me this year. That's a battle I'd like to see my closet get into: my love of JCrew shorts over Anthro dresses.

1 comment:

  1. Anthro dresses would most definitely lose. Sadly. I feel that the J Crew shorts have a little more gumption.

    My summer look consists of a stretchy (maternity-even though I'm not preggo) skirt, lacey Tom's and vintage tees. I may or may not sleep in the skirt as well, and I rarely put on mascara.