The top of my Christmas list

My boyfriend emailed me the best link last week and I can't wait to share it with you guys. I really just had to stop squealing about it long enough to put a coherent sentence together.

He knows my love of nesting dolls and he knows my favorite show on TV is The Golden Girls; so anything that combines two of my obsessions is a gold star in my book. Hence, he shared Golden Girl Nesting dolls with me!

Oh no, I'll wait til you stop squealing too.

So basically this is the coolest thing I've since, like, ever, and I love my boyfriend even more for getting my tastes exactly. I told him if I didn't see these under my Christmas tree this year I'd be one sad little girl.

They are made by this fabulous Mississippi painter Ginger Williams-Cook. She has recently been bowled over by the success of this particular set of nesting dolls, and has created several other groupings of dolls such as Saved by the Bell, Steele Magnolias, and Sex and the City. She has put her etsy store on hiatus while doing an exhibition but promises to have them back in her shop in November. So get them on your Christmas list and we'll count down the days together!

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