Mirror, mirror on the wall...

...how shall I hang you?

Almost a year ago two of my closest friends bought their very first home and it has been so exciting to visit their house every so often and see what they've changed; paint colors, new furniture and artwork place thoughtfully on the walls. On my last visit I walked into their bathroom and behind the sink there was a small decorative mirror propped up against the larger "standard-in-every-bathroom mirror" and thought that idea was pretty cool and differnt. I later asked if thats how she was keeping it and she blew my mind by telling me her even better idea of haning the small mirror on top of the bigger mirror!

I thought this was just the coolest idea and am definitely stealing it when I get around to owning a house. I of course had to share the idea with all of you and went out to google some images and it didn't pull up as many hits as I thought it would, so you have to use your imagination a little.

And as I kept scrolling through picture after picture of mirrors and grouping of mirrors the wheels in this creative brain of mine started turning. Like if you hung a mirror over a piece of art, over a window, or something like this trophy head over a mirror.

So start getting creative with flea market and Ikea mirror finds and hopefully I can share my friends mirror on mirror project results with you soon.

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  1. I'm loving the trophy Rhino head. Not normally something I would gravitate towards but I love the playfulness of it and the newsprint graphics covering it.