A vintage hello

Most of you know the love I have in my heart for Hallmark, (don't even get me started on the ornaments coming out in October!) but when I'm looking for birthday or other milestone cards for my friends I can never find one that is equally cute, pretty and different. They're either too sappy or complain about how awful it is to be getting one year older. So today I turned to my reliable, favorite place for cute cards: Borders book store.

They feature cards from popular places like Hello Lucky! and Papyrus but today I stumbled upon the cutest vintage remake brand selling there now called Nu-Vue Studio. They have a diverse collection of postcards, greeting cards, maps and other emphera. They cover all the major card giving occasions and even have an etsy store, selling only a small selection of their designs, too. They have a short list of stores that sell their cards on their website, but I found mine at an Indianapolis Borders and it's not listed on their store list so perhaps it hasn't been updated in awhile? Test your luck if you have a Borders in your city and check out their card section; and then be prepared to buy one of each. I'm going to have to figure out a way to get some of their Christmas cards because they are too cute not to have!

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