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I am totally obsessed with , an online service that simplifies photo editing and effects for everyday people. It basically takes your everyday photos and turns them into little pieces of art. They have the huge gallery of effects to choose from, ranging from cartoon, watercolor, vintage, pop art and much more. It's really user friendly too. I mean you can't get much simpler and easier than this site. You create an account, upload a photo from your PC and start clicking away on effects. You save the images to a library and either save them to your computer or upload them directly to facebook, myspace or flickr. The best part is it's FREE! The only catch is you get a little befunky watermark in the bottom corner of your photos, but for 2.08 a month you can have access to lots more effects and your pictures turn out sans-watermark. Either way I have been having too much fun turning boring pictures into something amazing. See for yourself!


(effect: vintage colors #4)

(effect: watercolor #1)

Can you see what I mean? I see way funkier scrapbook pages coming my way from these pictures. So get to their website and check out the galleries for inspiration and start funk-ifying (totally a word now) your photos!

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