One Down, Twenty-Nine to Go!

So it's been a few weeks since I posted my 30 for 30 list, and I'm proud to say I can cross one of the goals off my list! The hardest part was picking which one to start with. To me, this seemed like the easiest one to tackle. I already had the supplies, and my hands needed something to do while I watched TV. I have to give credit to this youtube video for teaching me though. I had tried several times before to follow written and illustrated directions but could never get the petal fold down. (Which is a very tricky origami folding technique that I am now aware of since watching this video). I folded one along with the video, and then tried folding the other two without any peeking back at the directions. And they turned out great! They stand up on their own and everything. I even made another one last night to see if my brain had retained the directions from 3 days ago and viola! another folded crane.

This small accomplishment has motivated to find my next "30" task to cross off. Follow along with my goals here.

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