Friday Flick Plicks

Hey movie apples, I have been patiently waiting (alright, I got a little impatient) for Friday so I could tell you how great my flick pick is for this week: 21 Jump Street. This movie is hilarious. I mean laugh out loud from start to finish funny. And I'm a tough sell at a comedy movie too. I mean things make me laugh, but I want to laugh so hard the people in front of you turn around and give you a look. Oh yeah, that's happened to me. But seriously, I don't think I've laughed this hard at a movie since The Hangover. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum played off each other brilliantly. You wouldn't think Channing could be "the funny one" but he held his own against Jonah. It takes your typical best friend/buddy cop kind of movie to a whole new level.

If you aren't up on the plot of the movie, it's based off an 80's sitcom of two cops who go undercover as high school students to bring down a drug ring. This movie takes it one set further, and sets Jonah and Channing as former classmates that were once total opposites in the popularity hierarchy who become friends through the police academy. Hilarity ensues. So if you're still not ready to face the massive crowds at The Hunger Games movie (I'm giving it another week for the popularity to die down) go see 21 Jump Street instead. Your funny bone will thank you for it.

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