A Different Kind of Birthday

Three years ago, to the day, I made my very first post on little yellow apple. I started, and why I continue to write, this blog is because I love the world of blogging. Forget yoga or bubble baths, my "me" time is catching up on my Google Reader. I love clicking through all the blogs I follow. To read every one's different points of view, images, shops, outfits, design, movies, beauty how-to, and almost any other topic you can think of on a daily basis. To me there is nothing cooler than to have a place to call my very own on the web; to talk about what I love and what inspires me. Over time my blog has slowly evolved into what I want it to be. Finding recurring weekly posts to keep, learning how to take better self portraits of myself for outfitting posts, and honing the skills of how to write in my voice. Everyday I take time to write a post or take pictures for a post it makes me extremely happy. I love being here, and I hope you guys do too.

Happy 3rd Birthday LYA, I'm finding a piece of cake in your honor today! 

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