Friday Flick Picks

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a good week and you're counting down the moments till your fabulous weekend begins. Let's get to the flicks, shall we?

The movie world is in what I like to call a "transition phase."  All the great movies just came out for Oscar consideration and Summer blockbusters won't start coming out until May so we have a wide variety of odd, not so good looking films hitting theatres every week. So that means our Netflix and old favorites on the HBO channels are getting a workout.

February 26th-March 4th

I re-watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and Crazy Heart. I really like both of these movies. FMF is so charming and has this great dry humor about it and Crazy Heart has such a touching, sad story and beautiful music. But my recommended pick for the week is going to have to be Crazy Heart. I'm a sucker for great acting and Jeff Bridges has the Oscar to prove it from this film. The music is beautiful and so is the Southwest cinematography.  You've also got Colin Farrell rocking a Texas accent and a ponytail; it really doesn't get much better than that.

All right friends, that's my pick for the week. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday!

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