A Feather in Your Cap

Several months ago a girl came into Anthro sporting the cutest pixie hair cut with this tiny feather clipped into her hair. I complimented her on how cool it looked and she surprisingly told me the feather was an extension attached into her hair. She proceeded to tell me she could curl and wash it like real hair as well as remove it and use it again. I was totally impressed but forgot about trying to match her coolness until recently when I stumbled upon the company who makes them-Fine Featherheads!

They come in a variety of colors and each extension comes with feathers in different lengths so if you had short hair you could cut the length off to blend into your natural hair. I realize this look is part hippie part rocker which is totally not my style but for whatever reason I love how they look. I think to ease my toe into this look I'd go for the natural color palette, but the turquoises, pinks, and wintergreens would be fun if you are in the mood for a funkier look.

I think when summer gets into full swing I will be rocking this look. If you're ready to sport it now check out Fine Featherhead's site and add some feathers to your cart!

Natural color palette

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