Anthro Model for a Day

I have some amazing photos to share with you guys today. Some of my beautiful co-workers and I got to pretend we were models for a day. Kelly Kruthaupt, an intern at our store, was studying fashion merchandising, and for her final project she wanted to do a photo shoot capturing us in our own unique Anthropologie style.

Kelly asked us to answer a series of questions about ourselves and from the answers she came up with storyboard concept for each one of our shoots, keeping in mind the things we love and what inspires and surrounds our lives. Inspiration ranged from music and fashion to being a new mommy and Parisian lifestyle. Part of my inspiration was drawn from vintage cameras. Combining my love for old collectibles and photography.

Enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures Kelly Kruthaupt styled and shot with our hair done by Crystal Lewis and our makeup done by Cake N Champagne.






  1. You look beautiful - you're perfect to be a model, Miss Sarah!

  2. Oh Amy you're so sweet. It was mostly good hair and makeup that did most of the work!