Book Review: Modern Vintage Style

The very talented interior stylist and author, Emily Chalmers, has just published a new book that I am in love with called Modern Vintage Style. If you are someone who collects and decorates with vintage pieces than this book is a must for your bookshelf. Broken into two parts, Emily first showcases great examples of vintage furniture, lighting, textiles, and displays. Then, she shows you how to work these vintage pieces into your home and decorating style so your home life has a wonderful modern vintage feel to it. Modern Vintage Style is really a great resource for inspiration and Emily encourages the reader to have fun with their pieces and collections you want to display in your home. That there are no rules; just trusting your instincts and tastes you'll create the perfect balance of old and new in your home.

This book, as well as her many other wonderful titles of work, can be found in her online shop Caravan,, or at Anthropologie (where I first saw this colorful cover).

Below is a sneak peak at a few pages from my copy; but you really must get one for yourself to drink in all great work of Emily Chalmers, photographer Debi Treloar and writer Ali Hanan did on this book. Enjoy!

All images by: Debi Treloar and words by Ali Hanan

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  1. I like the look of this, just may have to get.

    I love the look of vintage pieces mixed into a space but I'm not 100% comfortable to do this myself, for many reasons!! But this book may help develop an ability to do it.

    Thanks for sharing :)