Friday Flick Picks

I have been looking forward to flick picks since Saturday, that’s how excited I am to tell you guys about Moneyball. I don’t know the last new movie I saw that I loved as much as this one. Now, I will say that if you’re not into sports then this movie isn’t going to do much for you. And I wouldn’t say I am a sport fanatic myself; but Aaron is, and his die hard love of baseball has worn off on me a little bit. Not to mention that the book it’s based off is one of his favorites. So I was already invested in this movie long before it got into theatres. But if you can look past the sports angle then just go see it for the acting. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are outstanding. I see nominations for both of them for this film. They play off each other so well; they just add the heart to this movie. It’s just this quiet, funny, simple story arc that I love to see in movies. It just proves you don’t need explosions, sex, and CGI to make a movie enjoyable. Sometimes you have a good story to tell.

I will say that I did watch another movie this week too, Network. When you watch old movies you learn where overly quoted classic lines come from; in this movie’s case it was, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Needless to say I didn’t like it much and I didn’t want to add its crazy poster into the mix of Moneyball’s.

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