Spiced Ruffles

It warms my little heart that October is here! I can put out my Halloween decorations, curl up in cozy sweaters, wear tights with every outfit, and sip all the warm drinks that I want! I had a half day on Friday so I took my Mary-Jane, velvet blazer wearing self, and stopped by Starbucks for my first pumpkin spice latte. And man it was good; I forget how tasty they are from season to season. Other highlights from my weekend included seeing Moneyball on Saturday and dinner with my family Sunday night.

With fall, I feel like everything has a fresh start. It's a chance to get started on projects you put off all summer because you were too busy enjoying the sunshine. Or to revamp and experiment with your wardrobe because fall is the season of many layers. I just feel like there's this spark in the air of something great happening this month.  

(shoes: target, blazer and top: anthropologie, pants: Seven7)

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