Our First Kitchen Table

I have not eaten at a kitchen table in a place I have lived since I moved out of my parents house 10 years ago. Where have I been eating dinner for the past decade or so? The couch of course! There was a brief period of time in one of my apartments where I had a card table with ONE folding chair in the space where a dining table should have lived. But I think I did more crafts on it than meals.

So now, after a few weeks looking on Craigslist, fifty bucks, and a great diy tutorial later, I am all grown up with my very own kitchen table. I felt like Aaron and I were having an official family dinner after our first meal at the table. Our small kitchen space called for just the perfect sized round pedestal table and the white walls begged for a bright pop of color in that corner. I'm still working on finding 2 more mismatched chairs and finishing decorating our apartment.

The table has an extra leaf to it but with only 2 of us dining most nights, it stays nice and small

It's kind of hard to tell but the pedestal was a dark hunter green

I say this last picture is only the "somewhat" after shot because the chairs aren't finished and neither is the styling of this space. But I was so happy to see it finally coming together that I had to share the progress. I need to take some better pictures when it's completely finished; you can't really see how vibrant the color of the table is because of the direct sunlight coming through the windows.

This photo was the source of my inspiration to paint my table. Everyday Lovely had very easy step by step instructions for this project. Check them out here!

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