Snowy Prints

Time to share this little yellow apple's outfitting with you. The last time I shared my look it was bright and sunny outside (sigh) and this time I was playing in the snow flurries. As much as I love clothing, shopping, and creating fun outfits I hope I can get into a better habit of sharing my looks with you here.

Today it's all about mixing prints, Anthro prints to be specific. I got this dress for Christmas and even though I love it I thought the all over pattern was a bit much so it needed some breaking up. I turned to one of my favorite Anthro cardigans, Guinever's Cartographer cardigan, to do the trick. I finished off the look with some off white tights on my legs and low brown wedges on my feet and I was set to face the snow in patterned fashion.

(dress and cardigan:Anthropologie, shoes: Sarah Jayne)

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