Midland Antiques

Yesterday I found myself in the mood for some antique browsing so I went to my favorite place here in Indianapolis:  Midland Arts & Antique Market. It's located near the center of downtown in a huge, old warehouse. It's super hot in the summer and I had to keep my winter coat on during the trip yesterday but it has so much charm inside that the temperature swing doesn't bother me.

It's a great place to go if you're looking for an abundance of large furniture pieces, any type of lighting fixture, or books. The items that I tend to gravitate towards (old cameras, kitchen tools, ephemeral pieces, and beauty products) are a little bit harder to score but I always seem to come out of there with something.

If I had the biggest budget in the world, and of course a house to put everything in, I would have come home with all of these things...maybe one day.

An old stove and a wall of drawers and cubbies!? Hello, it's the kitchen of my dreams!

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